Website Usability Testing

What is Website Usability Testing? Your website’s usability will be tested by a person performing 2-3 tasks. A typical task would be to find a product and then buy it. We can guarantee that we will find a problem with your website. A detailed report with recommendations will be sent to you at the end […]

Trust on the Internet – Part 2

Trust on the internet is becoming so important that I’m writing about it again. My previous blog predicted that trust would become more important on the Internet in the future. After I wrote that blog I happened to listen to a Freakonomics podcast about Apology. In the podcast they explained how the entire economy is based […]

Your Conversion Rates May Have This Common Mistake

Many Adwords and Bing Campaigns fail to have the brand names as negatives. When this happens your conversion rates can be misleading. Consider this example: I have an adgroup for the keyword: Digital Marketing. The keyword is phrase on modified broad. That means that people search for AIMS (my brand name) Digital Marketing will also […]

Website Readability

The readability of your website depends on your targeted audience. In most cases, I recommend keeping everything simple to reach the widest audience. In some cases, you may find it better to use a higher level of English: A University English Department An audience you need to impress or sound sophisticated There are many tools […]

When Soft Conversions Conflict with Hard Conversions

Sites which are designed to generate sales leads are harder to analyze than ecommerce sites as there is no clear way to judge success. One important metric is–how many people contact the company. We call this a hard conversion. However, especially when sales cycles are long, it is also important to measure return visitors, time […]

Shopping Cart Usability

One of the first things we do when we start working with a new ecommerce clientis check out the shopping cart. In general, they are much better today than they were a few years ago. However there is usually lots of room for improvement. One of the best ways to demonstrated the problems is to […]

Conversion Optimization — People are Starting to Get It

One thing I learned from experience was not to talk to potential clients about conversion optimization. They wanted traffic. And more traffic. If I mentioned conversion optimization I could hear their eyes glaze over through the phone. Recently, we had some calls from companies that wanted us to manage their Google Adwords campaign. However, after […]

Conversion Optimization Upselling, The Economist and Relativity

In his book, Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely’s 1st chapter is something every one who is interested in conversion optimization should read. Actually, everyone who buys anything on the Internet (and offline) should read it too. If everyone takes my advice, Mr. Ariely will make a lot of money. Airely’s experiment proves that we are easily […]

“50 Kick-Ass Keyword Strategies” by Aaron Wall

A book on Keyword strategies. To me it seems that any Internet marketer is already doing all the insights mentioned in the promo text for this book. That is not to say that the book is not worth reading-chances are it may have some ideas you don’t know about. However for those who are too […]

Multivariate Testing and Online Dating

I know someone who had a dating service before the internet became popular. It was a very personalized service. She always had great stories (anonymous of course) and there was one in particular that has always stuck with me. Once she was yelled at by an irate customer. She had just come back from a […]