Web Analytics Segmentation and Low Fat Cottage Cheese

In the supermarket the other day I was happy to see a sale for low fat cottage cheese in a 3 pack. There were many 3 packs available and I soon found out why.

The expiry date was fast approaching and my son nixed the purchase. Unfortunately there were no single low fat cottage cheese containers for sale–only these fast expiring 3 packs.

Apparently this 3 pack idea didn’t go over well in this store.

All I could think of was the VP Marketing person looking at his graphs which show that the 3 pack idea was increasing revenue and profits. What he forgot to do is segment his analysis. If he would have checked each store type he would have found that some segments didn’t buy the 3 pack.

Segment your analysis to optimize your campaigns

Segment of people who won’t buy the 3 pack:

  • Smaller families that don’t need 3 cottage cheese containers
  • Or a lower income group that only buys what they need for the near future
  • Or people who are trying to gain weight and skip the low fat stuff

What’s good for brick and mortar stores is good for bit and pixel stores

Even when your campaigns are successful make sure your web analysis includes segmentation in order to find out where the campaign did not succeed. Segmenting ideas include:

  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • Location
  • Language
  • Products bought

That way you will optimize your campaign even more. Don’t make the same mistake as this supermarket VP. If he had been more proactive I wouldn’t have had to leave the store without my cottage cheese.

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