Should You Use Negative Keywords on the Account Level

Have you read our first and second blog posts about negative keywords?

Here is Part 3

Google has recently added the ability to add negative keywords on the account level. That has a few advantages:

  • If you have a negative keyword that is appropriate for all your campaigns, this is a more reliable way of adding it in.
    • If you have to add it to all your campaigns one-by-one, you might miss one.
    • But what is more likely, is that when you add a campaign you may forget to add the negative keyword to it.
  • The account level negative keywords are also added to your shopping and Performance Max campaigns. This can improve those campaigns too. 
  • It also saves time since you add the negative keyword only once.

What are the drawbacks?

The bottom line is that negatives at the the account level is definitely worth using because of all the reasons stated above. But it is worth it to check from time to time to make sure the negative keywords are still appropriate for all the campaigns

list of negative keywords on account level for Google Ads
Adding a negative keyword on an account level to Google Ads

How do you add negative keywords on an account level?

The picture above is for reference.

1. Go to Tools and Settings on the Google Ads header

2. Under “Shared Library” click on Negative keyword lists

Here you can add keywords on the account level.

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