Website Usability Case Study

I Hope that Tadiran’s Air Conditioners Work Better Than Their Website

Many businesses don’t realize how important it is to test their website usability frequently.

I just bought an air conditioner and followed their instructions on how to register and get 3 months additional warranty for free. I went to the page below and clicked the link at the bottom of the page: אחריות דיגיטליות בקליק

It would have been best to have the sign-up form for the warranty on this page. Or at least to put the link near the top of the page. But the worst part is that when you click on the link you get to the wrong page.

Example of a bad link
A fast usability check would reveal that the link on the bottom of the page goes to the wrong page.

The page you land on does not have a warranty. Nor does it have a link to the warranty.
I finally found a link to the warranty in the footer. But it also linked to the wrong page.

example of bad link targeting
This is the page the link went to. No warranty or link to a warranty.

Eventually I found the correct page. And I entered my serial number. The number had a number of zeros and the letter O. This should be avoided.  I entered the number but the form didn’t work.

I tried every combination of Zeros and Letter Os but nothing worked.

It would have been nice if there was a chat box to help. Or better yet, they could have just asked to upload the form that came with the air conditioner that had the serial number on it.

Or they could have put on a bar code that just filled in the serial number automatically and took you to the correct page.

In the end I called them. Their automatic system didn’t have any options about warranties. So I pressed on the option to arrange a technician to come to our office.

They told me I can fill in their from and email it to them.

If their goal is to get people to sign up by adding 3 months of free warranty, they should should do a usability study on their website.

example of an unhelpful error message
Error message on the Digital Form.
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